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Are you looking for a company that specialises in Patios in Camberley? RE Landscapes has been servicing the people of Camberley and has built up the reputation of being the number 1 Patio Company in Camberley. Patios Camberley? There is only one choice welcome to RE Landscapes.

At RE Landscapes, we firmly believe that a patio is an excellent extension of your home, and ideally, should complement the current design of your house; so, in that way we offer a secret, private retreat as well as a superb practical outdoor area for your family and yourself to thoroughly enjoy for many years to come.

Patios Camberley

Natural stone has been a very popular choice for paving for thousands of years; however, its place as the most accepted choice was appropriated back in the early 20th century by the arrival of concrete flagstones. As a family's disposable earnings grew in the latter decades of that century, the preferences for concrete flagstones grew exponentially, and one of the trendiest styles was copies of those natural flagstones. Copies provide a number of benefits - they're cheap, compared to the genuine article, can be cast to modular sizes, making coursing or patterns much easier; they can also be produced to fairly standard thicknesses, while natural stone may be anywhere from 30mm to 100mm thick.

Then, as technology improved, so therefore the practicality of the replication riven flagstones also improved, so that by the latter 1990's, the reproductions had become so realistic that they were almost impossible to differentiate from the original.

The sudden increase of interest in lifestyle television had encouraged householders to take outside the spending habits that had previously been limited to decor within the home, and we began to hear fashionable designers of gardens talking rubbish about making "outdoor rooms", spending large amounts of cash creating patios and gardens that may well only be usable for a few months of the year; however, by now the market was thoroughly primed and people wanted to spend.

Therefore, the driving forces of supply and demand arrived and a novel interest in patio paving was born. At once, genuine stone paving was obtainable, in those modular sizes, and in very convenient thicknesses in eye-catching ranges of styles and colours, and not only was it easily reachable for 50% of York Stone, it was even less expensive than better quality concrete facsimiles!

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